Teenage Personal Hygiene . Teen Boys can smell good too.

Teenage Personal Hygiene – Teen Boys Can Smell Good too.

Amongst a few things that give parents sleepless nights with their teenagers, especially teenage boys, it is personal hygiene. Most parents feel hopeless when it comes to their teenager’s hygiene.

I don’t want to claim that I have answers but I am writing this article to open a conversation about this important matter in many households.

My opinion is  that hygiene like any other subject, need to be taught and parents are better positioned to teach this practical lesson than teachers because they are staying with the kids at home.

I think its important to remember that before the teen years, parents were somehow responsible or at least partially responsible for their child’s hygiene. When they start to gain autonomy during the tween and teen years, the struggle begins because now they are denying you access to help but they are still not fully able to take care of themselves.
The truth is you both have never been this route before. You are both going to have to navigate this terrain to keep the house, the boy, and his room fresh, free from all sorts of smells, and scattered clothes.

Mommy, daddy take a deep breath and teach, teach calmly and patiently, understanding that this is just a phase but not who he is. This too shall pass.

How to Teach

Teaching needs strategy and planning. It is more effective when it is proactively done. It does not serve the child or the parents well to always do it in a form of correction, although there is a place for that. So before things go out hand get your lesson plans ready and start to teach.

1. Make him aware that his Hygiene is not only about him but everyone else in the house.

2. Good hygiene is  not only about being clean and smelling good but it is about good health

3. Model good hygiene

4. Make a poster of hygiene rules or expectations around the house

5. Read a book  & have regular relaxed conversations about different hygiene aspects

When to Teach?

The truth is hygiene should be taught long before the teen years. During the teen years, we should just be brushing over what they have learned in the past years and adapting the information to their rapidly changing bodies. Beyond that, the best time is before hygiene becomes the point of conflict at home

Who Should Teach Hygiene?

We are talking about boys here, so if daddy is at home, he is the most relevant person to teach hygiene. I mean it is only proper for daddy to be the one teaching his son to shave. Of course, mothers are always on standby to fill in when there is a need. But if manly hygiene has to be discussed in detail, seek the help of males around you if you are a single mom.

Having worked with teens for years the next best place to discuss hygiene issues is within the youth forums, at youth camps, when nobody feels like an object of discussion but the topic is discussed generally. These are platforms where they can freely ask questions without fear of being judged

Areas  That Need Covered

Oral Hygiene

The basics of oral hygiene:

  • Brush your teeth twice daily
  • Floss  once a day.
  • Use a soft-bristled brush
  • Replace your toothbrush at least every four months
  • Use a fluoride tooth paste
  • Limit sugary food , drinks & snacks
  • Visit the dentist regularly

The above is  recommended by dentists to prevent oral problems like bad breath, tooth decay , cavities and the build up of bacterial plaque on your . Tooth decay  and bacterial plaque can lead to tooth loss and gum diseases called gingivitis.

Check Amazon for all your Oral Hygiene needs from Books,  Tooth pastes, flosses and different kinds of  teeth brushes.


Brush your teeth the right way 



If you want to take his oral hygiene to the next level and even make it interesting and appealing you can go for the USmile Pro toothbrush

With a normal tooth brush, we are advised to brush our teeth for 2 minutes but USmile Pro does the work in 10 seconds.

  • It improves Dental Health
  • Water Proof
  • Long battery life
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  • Quality and Durable Antibacterial Silicone Easy to Clean
  • Sonic and Vibration Cleaning Technology For Real Results
  • Completely Wireless And Portable With Included Battery
  • Patented Technology U-Shaped Silicon Toothbrush With Light Therapy
  • Simple to Use By Everyone, Fast and Hassle-Free

Check the video below for the amazing toothbrush:

Body Hygiene

There are few body changes that happen when one hits puberty. And this changes demands a change or an upgrade in  personal hygiene.

Common changes :

  1. Body odor due to developing sweat glands

Our teen boys should bath or shower every day, maybe once in a while he can get away with once in two days, especially if he has been in house with no hectic sweaty activities. He must certainly bath after playing sports or anything that made him sweat more than normal.

The basics of keeping the  body fresh and odorless are as simple as:

  • Bathing everyday with special emphasis  on the underarms.
  • Changing socks and underwear’s daily
  • Using a deodorant

Ensure that you get him an aluminum free deodorant.

Benefits of aluminum free deodorants : Keep your underarm pores clear, reduce the risk of breast cancer, is made with natural ingredients

       2. Oily skin 

Oily skin normally leads to pimples and this is due to the increase in the sex hormone – androgen , it causes  oil glands to get larger and secrete more sebum ( an oily substance that cause your pores to get clogged) .

The best way to prevent pimples when you have an oily skin is to wash your face two to three times per day with cleansers made for oily skin.

<Facial Cleansers for Oily Skin & Acne> 

      3. Growing hair in different body parts

Shaving is now going to be a normal part of his life. Teens should have someone thoroughly guiding them through this process, so daddies, brothers and uncles should rise to the occasion. It is important to have an adult present during their first or even second shaving attempts.

Two areas might need frequent shaving and this differs from one person to the next,  the face and the pubic area.

How to shave the face 


How and when should I start shaving my pubic area?

These are common questions asked on teen forums.

My  opinion is, it is ok for teenage boys to shave their pubic area but this should be delayed as long as possible to avoid ingrown hairs that will itch and can get infected. Check the video below on how to shave.

Amazon For Your Shaving Needs.



Feet Hygiene 

  • Wash the feet – one may ask, isn’t it obvious? I have witnessed it, it is not obvious so I will put it here. Wash the entire foot, on top, underneath, and between the toes.
  • Dry the feet thoroughly to prevent foot fungus which is known to thrive in moist places, but except that if we wear shoes without drying the feet well they are more likely to smell.
  • Cut and trim the toenails, it is as simple as that but of course, parents like me know that we have to do multiple reminders before the message kicks in.
  • Lastly, wear clean socks, socks are made to absorb and retain the sweat to prevent smelly shoes. wearing dirty socks defeats the purpose.

Hand Hygiene

The importance of hand hygiene had been broadcasted through all sorts of media through the Covid19 pandemic.It looked like and its true that our lives depended on the cleanliness of our hands. I can boldly say that good hand hygiene was at the fore front in the fight against corona. Hand hygiene is the most cheap, effective yet simple way to prevent the spread of infections.

I believe that the message should continue even after the pandemic.

Hand hygiene can be easily taken care of at home , school or wherever there is running water and soap. The big challenge remains when one is on a go, up and about.

I found this hand wrist Sanitizer to be a life saver under such circumstances

Hygiene for teenage boys

At the push of a button you can access your sanitizer at anytime and wherever you are. I believe this is the ultimate solution towards good hand hygiene.

Final Thoughts

Like any other thing parents and guardians, be reminded that personal hygiene should be taught with patience without ridiculing the child. Like I said it is better to have pro-active conversations. Hygiene lessons taught before puberty now need an update as the body goes through adolescence changes.

Good hygiene is a great confidence booster when we look and smell good we feel good, this can be our selling point as we daily groom our teens to understand the importance of personal hygiene.

I would like to hear your thoughts. Comment below of what worked for you and your teen boy or what worked for you as a teen .We are open to learn from your experiences.


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64 thoughts on “Teenage Personal Hygiene – Teen Boys Can Smell Good too.”

  1. At every stage of our lives when we were kids, we were taught about the importance of hygiene and cleanliness especially during the puberty years so I think it’s a great topic for you to cover in your article. Teenagers should be taught the importance of hygiene and taking care of their body. As the age old adage says, cleanliness is next to godliness. 

  2. Hallo Bogadi,

    Thanks so very much for this beautiful article!

    You have presented this lesson so well. And you have been absolutely thorough, touching on all important health issues around the teen years, especially as they pertain to boys.

    I totally agree with you – hygiene education should begin way before the teen years. Things become a lot more difficult when the adolescence stage arrives.

    A very important and effective teaching tool for children and youth I wish to mention, which I have written about on my websites, is Sport. And it couldn’t be more exciting than in boys!

    Warmest regards!

  3. A super well written review on a topic some my consider taboo. I have a 17-year old daughter and try to explain that keeping her room tidy is also part of personal hygiene. Her bathroom, her waste bin, a disaster.

    I think one of the problems is the distraction from social. It is such a challenge to get their priorities straight.

  4. Teen Boys Can Smell Good Too is an excellent title for this article. during adolescence, it is difficult for the young person to always understand the changes they are going through. It is also a subject that can be difficult for some people to discuss and others will take offence if it is mentioned.

  5. Personal hygiene is something that should be taken seriously by parents and every other person alike. This is something that is very important because most sicknesses are attributed to not being hygienic. In teenage kids, it’s something that should be closely monitored too. I should probably let my teen sister read this post. Nicee work!

  6. Hello there! Thank you very much for sharing this article on teenage personal hygiene. It’s a very interesting read and very educative too. When I was little, my parents taught I and my brothers about personal hygiene. They didn’t say it’s for girls alone because like you said teenage boys can smell good too. However, my brothers are still stubborn and choose to be smelling everywhere. They do not follow the brush twice a day rule nor do they flux. I will share this article with them so they can know the importance of personal hygiene, thank you.

    • Hi Sophie

      Thank you for stopping by The Incredible Boy

      Yes Teen Boys can smell good too. Personal Hygiene is important for both girls and boys but boys seem to have hard time catching up always.

  7. This us really good to see here. Being a parent of male kids, it’s not easy trying to imbibe some things in them. I know though buy if done the right way and the right time,it worked definitely make the whole difference. Seriously, what you shared is really good to see. I value this a lot and thanks so much

  8. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your review as it contains valuable information’s people needs to be aware of when addressing personal hygiene for teenagers. Good personal hygiene needs to be taught by parents and guardians from a young age

    • Hey Phil

      Parents are well positioned to teach Personal Hygiene to teenagers than teachers  and it must be taught early .

  9. So much need to be thought to these kids and of all things hygiene is a very important part of it.  We have seen how poor hygiene can lead to a serious health issue and that is not something to be proud of. As a parent, the sooner we start to imbibe the habit of cleanliness in our kids the better. Its shouldn’t just be the house only, but most importantly your look.

  10. Thank you

    This is such an amazing article and one that I have never seen before on this subject matter. 

    I have 3 brothers and growing up I can remember that their odour and voice all changed as they were turning into “Big Men” or at least they thought!. We were lucky that we were brought up in a world where hygiene was always at the forefront so my brothers were generally clean. However, I do remember boys in school who were unaware of their own odour. 

    An article such as this will definitely help to raise awareness for others so that there is more help rather than embarrassment. I have sent this article to my sister whose son is coming into his teens and she said that she would share with others.

    This will definitely help.

    All the best


    • hello Imelda 

      Thank you for stopping by The Incredible Boy and yes thanks for sharing the article

      Lets raise awareness that good hygiene is also for teenage boys.

  11. This is very helpful information. I have an 11-year old girl, yes she is not a boy but oh my goodness, it’s just impossible to get her to even take a bath that I sometimes feel frustrated when I have to keep reminding her of the obvious. I don’t know if it’s a stage that she will outgrow or what but your article has helped a lot on how to tackle the issue. In fact, I should just let her read it. Thank you

    • Hey Martin

      Thank you for stopping by.

      I believe its a phase she will outgrow it. Continue to talk about personal hygiene sooner or later she will get it.

  12. I do agree that personal hygiene should not be strictly taught in the teenage ages, by then it should be instant karma. Nowadays with kids playing less outside and mostly on video games and catching love feelings at a very young age, from my experience, teens do highly uphold cleanliness to keep their attractiveness status afloat but again one cannot lay a blind eye on the parent’s role to educate their kids. Since you mentioned, eating healthy being part of good hygiene, I really think that it is one subject on the topic that should always be tapped on by parents as it is mutual for kids to indulge in junk food. Nice article and great recommendations. Are there any fun ways to teach personal hygiene to toddlers?

    • Hey Cadence

      Thank you for stopping by The Incredible Boy

      I fully agree that Personal Hygiene should be taught from early years . I have not your question ‘

      Are there any fun ways to teach personal hygiene to toddlers?’ I will answer it in a full article and let you know.

  13. This is truly a great article.  You have articulated all the important aspects of teaching our young boys good personal hygiene practices.  My children are all grown up.  However, I wish I could have had this information during there informative years.  For the most part, they were taught cleanliness but not on always easy to be entreated terms.  Your approach is great, and I will share this with my children to share with their children.  Thank you so much.

    • Hey Patricia

      Lucky you. You have completed the grooming race. 

      I believe that sharing this article your children will find value and not struggle with teaching personal hygiene.

  14. Personal hygiene of teenage boys is a great topic for you to cover and as a mother of two boys, I find it particularly interesting. My boys are now grown men and I can say that thankfully we never had “issues” with them when it came to cleanliness and personal hygiene. It certainly helped that we had certain routines in place long before they reached puberty and were teenagers. 

    When they were babies we had the nightly bath time routine, which we also turned into a fun, play experience.And from there we continued on the theme that you feel better when you are clean. Their dad showed them how to shave and I would say it was a proud moment for both. 

    • Wow  Line

      Thank you for stopping by The Incredible Boy

      I just like how you and the dad handled the whole hygiene thing  because Personal Hygiene can be a great challenge with teenage boys.

  15. Lol, I agree that teen boys can smell good as well, I love your attitude. You are absolutely right that hygiene is something to be taught, it is. Not something that you were born with. Patient is the key here but I think us adult often loose our patient because we are busy all the time which again is unacceptable. I love that wrist band hand sanitizer! This is perfect especially during this global pandemic. Thanks for such an informative post and I will be sure to share it will all my friends. 

    • Hey Nuttanee

      Thank you for stopping by The Incredible boy, we are in the business of raising our boys to be good men.

      And Yes teen boys can smell good too, personal hygiene must be taught and parents are better positioned to do so. Patience is key like you said.  

  16. Hi, this was a very interesting article about teenage personal hygiene. Especially the part where you encourage teenage boys. I believe that there is something it has to be done more than with the teenage girls in order to teach boys how to maintain their hygiene. I find that moms talk to their daughters about these things more than with their sons, and of course, the reasons are completely valid. Fathers should be the ones taking an action when it comes to boys. But sometimes, unfortunately, that’s not possible due to the absence of one of the parents, and in this case, I think is ok for another parent to take over. Overall I feel that the schools should take over this topic as well! 

    • Thank you for stopping by The Incredible boy, we are in the business of raising our boys to be good men

      In families where fathers are absent, mothers should take up the role or seek the help of male mentors but teenage personal hygiene should not be left to chance. 

  17. Cleanliness is next to godliness is a saying that I have always stuck by because I believe it envisions to detail just how important personal hygiene is and also how beneficial it is to one’s health which is why young men should be introduced to the importance of hygiene at a young age and as soon as possible. 

    • Hey Sean 

      Thank you for stopping by The Incredible Boy

      I also subscribe to that saying ‘Cleanliness is next to godliness’. And  Yes hygiene is more about health than just clean appearance

  18. Hi Bogadi i enjoy your article and it is well written also. I have a 17 yr old son and he practices good hygiene most of the time. Sometimes he slips up, but I am here to guide him and counsel him. He not only gets guidance from me but from his gran mother and growing up from since he was old to comprehend, we always tell him about good hygiene and the reason why we must do it.

    Although my son father does not live in the same household with him, he also encourages to keep himself and his surroundings clean. I was bought up the same way by my family, so I teach him what i have learned from family and from experience too.

    Do you think that the prolong use of these sanitizers will be healthy for us in the long run? Do you think that the corona virus will build up an immunity to these sanitizers?

    • Hey Wendy

      Thank you for stopping by The Incredible Boy

      I like how hands on you and your family are concerning your 17 year old boy. He will grow to be among few men who understand the importance of hygiene.

      You have asked very important questions about the sanitizers.
      I will recommend that we use them when necessary meaning when there is no running water and soap near us. I am hoping that researchers in a long run can find more natural alternatives. Thank you .

  19. Hi Bogadi i enjoy your article and it is well written also. I have a 17 yr old son and he practices good hygiene most of the time. Sometimes he slips up, but I am here to guide him and counsel him. He not only gets guidance from me but from his gran mother and growing up from since he was old to comprehend, we always tell him about good hygiene and the reason why we must do it.

    Although my son father does not live in the same household with him, he also encourages to keep himself and his surroundings clean. I was bought up the same way by my family, so I teach him what i have learned from family and from experience too.

    Do you think that the prolong use of these sanitizers will be healthy for us in the long run? Do you think that the corona virus will build up an immunity to these sanitizers?

  20. As a boy of nearly 40, I found this post just great. You have made such fun and interesting to read. With great imagery as well, just what us boys like. I do remember those dreaded teenage years. Hey who had time to keep totally clean and hygene. There were just so many other things that took priority…until we realized it made sense, for obvious reasons…to be as clean as you could.

    Thanks for this enjoyed reading it a lot.

    • Lol Rob , Thank you for stopping by The Incredible Boy 

      I am glad you can relate and again that you give us hope that boys will out grow the hygiene strife thing, I am looking forward to those years

  21. Personal hygiene is important indeed and should start from a young age. Knowing how to care for their own hygiene, they are better prepared to deal with or manage areas of concern in teenage years, as mentioned in this article. I am glad my teenage son has shown concern about his body odour and asked us for advice before us telling. And, he is more concerned about his ance outbreak than anything else. Often looking for information and following a clean diet to manage the problem. 

    it is good that you open up this topic for discussion as I am sure many parents will benefit from this.

    • Hi Sharon

      Thank you for stopping by The Incredible Boy 

      It is a blessing that your son is taking initiative by himself. In most families the hygiene is the main source of strife. 

  22. This is a very thorough guide on how to teach hygiene to teens, a very informative one I must say.  In my experience working with teenage boys in the orphanage, the main concern is their body odor.  Some still have bad odor even if they take a bath everyday and use deodorant.  It is the same with bad breath.  Some still suffer from bad breath even if they are regularly brushing their teeth.  Sometimes, it is health related issue.  Thank you for this article. I find it very helpful.

    • Hi Joy 

      Thank you for stopping by The Incredible Boy 

      A bath and a deodorant should be able to sort the ordour out , maybe exploring different deodorant could  help or checking with the doctor

  23. I am not yet a parent, but this is just so amazing to me. Learning on how to train one’s teenage son to keep a very good personal hygiene is fantastic. I, for one, being just a teen, has learnt something vital for my self and personal hygiene. Thanks for this great piece of information.

  24. I agree with you on the notion that the daddy should be the first teacher in this process. In fact, he should not just teach but he must lean to be an ideal example for the boys from infancy. The funniest thing about children is that they are constantly watching us as parents and it is easier for them to repeat what they see us do. From cleaning of underwares, brushing of teeth and shaving, the father should be a role model 

    • Hey Parameter 

      Thank you for stopping by The Incredible Boy 

      I love the point you are raising, there is no better truth. Fathers must set the standard.

  25. Some people see teenage boys as an embodiment of dirt. I get the fact that boys tend to be rough and careless when they are teenagers, but this does not apply for every boy. I’m glad you made a point with this article that teenage boys can smell good too. Thanks for this educating article on how to have a good personal hygiene as a boy teenager.

    • Hi Kelvin

      Thank you for stopping by The Incredible Boy 

      I agree that is a very unacceptable notion, teenage boys should not embody dirt by all means. I am glad you found value.

  26. Wow-what a coincidence, Our son is just going through…”That Stage” just turned 11. Teaching good hygiene is super important. Not just for our own well-being, but for the respect to others as well. Being clean also represents.. self-motivation, pride, and self credibility, these are all things I feel are being lost over the years.

    Cheers for the read and very applicable.

    • Hey Luke 

      Thank you for stopping by The Incredible Boy 

      You summarized it well ‘
      Being clean also represents.. self-motivation, pride, and self credibility, these are all things I feel are being lost over the years’

  27. Great information here and quite detailed but easy to read. This is one I can easily share with others. It’s quite important to get kids started on the right road to good hygiene early. Once they develop good habits, they usually keep them for life. 

    I like your step-by-step approach. By breaking it down into steps, it’s easier for the parent and the teen to follow and understand. 

    One point I’ve heard from others is that raising teen boys is sometimes even more challenging for single moms without a “father figure” (father, grandfather, brother, etc) to help. Your article does make this part a little easier, too, I think for those without the male person to help guide.

    • Hey Diane 

      I am glad you found value here .

      Thank you for stopping by The Incredible Boy  and engaging me on Teenage Personal Hygiene.

  28. Ah…teenage boys and hygene.  It’s a delicate issue for sure but I think you’ve covered it well here and, from experience, I know that you’re correct about having instruction come from an older male that they’re close to.  And it certainly helps if they’ve been taught cleanliness growing up and have the benefit of seeing the older males in their life display good hygiene habits.  Thanks for posting this.  I know that many parents will find it helpful!

    • Hey Cynthia 

      I agree with you that teenage hygiene is a very delicate issue and a challenge for many house holds.

      Thank you for stopping by The Incredible Boy  and engaging me on Teenage Personal Hygiene.

  29. I know how important it is for our teen boys to shower every day. But this pandemic has made it even more important. Adequate hygiene must be carried out in order to protect them and the rest of the family. We initially avoided meeting between teens and their grandparents, due to COVID-19. But now I think that being careful with hygiene is enough.

    • Hi Ann good hygiene within the entire household is very important but getting teenage boys to keep up with good hygiene can be very challenging.

      Thank you for stopping by The Incredible Boy  and engaging me on Teenage Personal Hygiene.

  30. I would love to show this post to my teenage son LOL.  He would be saying “Mom” I don’t need that.  But sometimes I have to nag him about brushing his teeth or showering every day.  I always taught my kids hygiene growing up, but they kind of go it alone as they get older. 

    • Hahhaaaaaaa Leahrae . Keep teaching and reminding him he will eventually get it.

      Thank you for stopping by The Incredible Boy and engaging me on Teenage Personal Hygiene.

  31. Hi. Body odors can definitely be an issue while growing up. It is a good thing that you voiced out that it shall pass. Rightfully so with proper guidance for these odors can be quite a nuisance for a teenage boy and to others around him.

    Dental hygiene is usually neglected the most and the repercussion of this is alarming. Most people and not only teenage boys come to appreciate the value of a full set of teeth when they are about to lose it.

    I dare say that other specific areas also tend to get neglected. Since hand hygiene is a must now at present time, at least this part is being taken care of.

    It is refreshing to see that efforts are being made to make teenage personal hygiene more approachable. Thank you for this great article on this sensitive matter.


    • Hey Carol 

      I fully understand you when you say  we fully appreciate our teeth when we are about to lose them , and that is from personal experience. Hence its important to teach our teenagers good hygiene.

      Thank you for stopping by The Incredible Boy and engaging me on Teenage Personal Hygiene.

  32. Very informative article. I think parents with problems just need to let their child read this (hint, hint)

    You are correct though, if you teach hygiene from a young age, then they are used to it by the time they hit their teens. Then the only things you need to add are the razors and deodorant. I teach a lot of teens and there is nothing worse than being surrounded by bad body odor, but it is tricky to speak to the culprits without pointing fingers.

    • Thank you for stopping by The Incredible Boy 

      Hygiene can be very challenging with teenage boys , we have to patiently keep teaching them 

  33. The post is well-written, and the suggestions are excellent. Personal hygiene should not be strictly taught in the adolescent years. Nowadays, with kids spending less time outside and more time inside playing video games and catching love feelings at a young age, teens, in my experience, maintain a high level of cleanliness to maintain their attractiveness status, but one cannot overlook the parent’s role in educating their children. Since you mentioned that eating healthy is a part of good hygiene, I believe that this is one topic that parents should always address because it is common for children to eat junk food.


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