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Virtual Reality and Education- HEROMASK VR HeadSet Review

Education is something very close and dear to my heart. How it happens, where it happens, who facilitate it should never be overlooked. At the end of they day all these aspects will determine the outcome, good or bad. The first primary purpose of our education whether at home or at school should be to nurture the love for learning. Facts, theories, concepts, test and exams should never diminish the child interest in learning, which makes how we administer learning very important. We are in an era where Virtual Reality and Education should be viewed as a powerful bundle in facilitating child learning and development.


Virtual reality (VR) is a simulated experience that can be similar to or completely different from the real world.

These simulated experiences has the power to revolutionize and change the face of education as we knew it. Unfortunately if your mind is still frozen in the piles of books as the only or best way to learn you will not acknowledge these experiences as powerful learning tools. An educational entrepreneur Seth Andrew talks about the evolution of a student reading about France in a textbook, to watching a YouTube video about France, to, via virtual reality, being able to walk the streets of Paris. He describes how a virtual chemistry lab, which would not only allow kids to walk through molecules to see their structure, but would allow students to conduct virtual experiments, could be both less expensive and more educationally valuable than a traditional lab stocked with beakers and Bunsen burners.

Education has passed the phase of just facts and information retention but virtual reality is here to immerse the learner in the facts he is learning about, which enhances comprehension and makes it easy for the mind to process the information.

HeroMask Virtual Reality Headset for Kids

HeroMask VR reality headset is created by two gentlemen Mario & Carlos because they believe that we learn much more when having fun. They created two types of Virtual reality headset one for learning mathematics and one for learning languages i.e French, Spanish, German, Chinese and English. This VR goggles can also be used by the whole family to watch videos or play other virtual reality video games.

Virtual Reality and Education - HeroMask VR Headset Package

Who are they For?

The headset are designed as a learning tool for kids. So kids from the age of 5 – 12 years can enjoy this unprecedented way of learning maths and languages. Good news – adults and kids can comfortably use the headset to watch 3D videos and to play video games .

They make a great and thoughtful  birthday, Christmas  or any special day gift for kids.

Amazon is currently running a good special on this. Check :




How to use them

Virtual Reality and Education- How to use the Headset


Can be used by children and adults comfortably.

Can be used for education and entertainment.

Does not require batteries.

Super easy to use.

Encourages the love for math and foreign languages.

Virtual Reality and Education - Heromask math testimony

Virtual Reality and education - Math testimony



Some android phones are not compatible with the headset . ( on the amazon website you can be able to verify through their question section  if your phone is compatible)


Final Thoughts

The undeniable truth is the face of what we knew as education is changing. The 4th Industrial revolution is upon us, prepared or unprepared is not the question. It is taking over, invading the education space aggressively.

The question is can you adapt?

In my view amazing products like Heromask VR headset are what we need to adapt to the new way of learning as we resolve on taking baby steps towards the right direction.

To date i’m still conflicted, I sometimes find myself in a debate with my 10 year old to create a habit of writing down things on paper, if for nothing else to practice writing, and this lad who types better than he can write is adamant that there will be no need to use pens and paper in the near future. Somehow deep within me I know that’s the truth, because I personally, at times spent weeks without ever needing to use a pen & paper.

Some ways of learning served the past and the current generation well but its important that we start adapting to the new for our children sake.


Heromask Virtual Reality Headset




User Friendly









  • Education & Entertaining
  • Easy to use
  • For kids but adults can use
  • Enhance love for Maths & Languages


  • Not Compatible with other Android phones

12 thoughts on “Virtual Reality and Education- HEROMASK VR HeadSet Review”

  1. Wow, I really loved this!

    I totally agree to include new technologies for education. Since with this we can achieve two things at the same time. Make learning fun (when did we ask for that?) And get kids out of silly, addictive games all the time (a bit, I think it’s healthy, but when it becomes an addiction, it’s a problem)

    I have personally started teaching it to my 5 year old daughter (2 years ago) Spanish with new technologies, appps, interactive games. And it’s amazing how she’s learning!

    Now, seeing this virtual reality technology to complement even more has blown my mind!

    I like this model that you propose, since by not using batteries, it can be very practical. You can also see that it also has a site for languages! Perhaps with this, it is the definitive expression to complete and complement the language education for my daughter.

    I wanted to ask you if there are more applications for these virtual reality devices. For example, history, or art. Especially for children

    Thank you very much for the review.

    • Hi Jason . Thank you for stopping by. This this will beautifully complement your daughters Spanish lessons  and can be a beautiful gift.

      Heromask currently only have the mentioned two – Mathematics & Languages . We will sure be searching the market for other educational devices like this even on other subjects. 

  2. Thank you so much for sharing with us an interesting and excellent article. The principal content of this article is HEROMASK VR HeadSet Review. It is really pretty that you have demonstrated this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of cognition about Virtual Reality. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like the Pros HEROMASK VR HeadSet. I gift it to my little boy on his birthday because it can be used by young children. Its awesome features and interesting games will really impress anyone.

    Finally, I have read and enjoyed your article so the topic of the article is to discuss or present its benefits to everyone about Virtual HEROMASK VR HeadSet so I would like to share it on my Facebook group if you allow me.

    • Thank you Md for your feedback.

      Yes this will be a great gift for your boy .

      Kindly share the article and lets spread the word.

  3. Hi Bogadi,

    This article is so cool!

    I was looking for ideas for my daughter’s birthday coming up, and this caught my eye.

    Can I outfit this device to teach Japanese?  My wife is from Japan, and we really want our daughter to be able to speak to her grandmother in her native language.

    And BTW, have you ever heard of HADO?  It’s very popular in Japan.  I was wondering if this headset could be used to play HADO as well?

    Thanks once again for putting this post together.  Really appreciate it.


    • Hi Michael thank you for coming over.

      Heromask currently offers Spanish, French, German, English and Chinese.

      I am sure there shall be a need for them to increase the languages more people begin to embrace this fun way of learning ..

  4. Hi Bogadi, I’ve read your article “Virtual Reality And Education- HEROMASK VR HeadSet Review”.

    I really loved this!

    It is really pretty that you have demonstrated this topic so well in your article.

    Thanks for specifyng the pros and the cons. 

    I like this model, since by not using batteries, it can be very practical.

    I really enjoyed reading this! Congratulations! 

  5. I believe this is a fantastic way to learn new things. Books and lessons can be very boring. This mask would make it much more interesting and then more information would be retained by the wearer. The fact it doesn’t need any batteries is a huge plus. I enjoyed learning about it. Thank you very much for sharing.

    • Thank you for stopping by Lisa.im glad you found it helpful 

  6. This is huge. Though honestly, it requires a lot more in terms of investing into it for the kids but definitely, the results that will come out of it oytweights the investment into it. I really like all you have shared here especially about hero mask. How I’d wish I had gotten this during the lockdown, it would have really been good for the kids. Thanks

  7. I have not seen anyone who has come up to talk about the whole virtual reality thing for kids in relation to education. I find it to be very interesting that you can actually point this out and also to tell us why this kind of education can help our kids. It is a very good product this heromask  headset.

  8. It is very good if you to share this interesting article, virtual reality headset is a very nice gadget that you should have at home  it give you the fun and the thrills in all. I’ve been able to own one for myself but my cousin James took it when he visited. I’ll get this Heromask and I’ll check it out.


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