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Gift Ideas for Preteen Boys

There are many ways to express love and appreciation, giving thoughtful gifts remain the most preferred and the most appreciated one. During our birthdays and special days like Christmas , Easter, Valentine , Thanksgiving and our Anniversaries we all wait in anticipation to receive something that will put a smile on our face, just something big or small that says someone thought of you and went out of his/her way to make you smile.

This article ‘Gift Ideas for Preteen Boys’ is written with the hope that it will make Gift Shopping for your preteen boys bearable. Every stage of our child life is new to us.

Preteen or a tween phase as it is sometimes called is just one of those stages that parents do not know how to navigate, our young man is daily insisting on his independence and autonomy . He is slowly detaching from us in ways we didnt expect . Sometimes there is strive and conflicts, we might not even know how to reach out to him,it feels like there was a sudden wall erection between us. In the midst of it all, I am confident of this one thing nobody can ‘ defend himself againt love’ Love has the power to bring that wall down , express it patiently, consistently and unconditionally  and when words fail Gifts can do the magic.

Flying Orb Ball Toys Soaring Hover Pro Boomerang Spinner Hand Controlled Mini Drone

Super Cool High-Tech Hand Controlled Drone : We updated this new flying ball for 2022! To start the interactive play, just throw the mini drone in the air and grab & flip it to stop movement

It is Durable and Lightweight Body

It is USB Rechargeable: Simply connect it to the USB connector for 25 minutes to fully charge.

HOMOFY STEM Toys Solar Robot Kit 12-in-1

Gift Ideas for Preteen Boys

This solar robot kit will sure keep him engaged for long, it is a great pull away from unnecessary screen time. It is a great combination of technology and engineering.It cultivate the spirit of scientific exploration. It comes with solar power panel.The robot can harness the solar to crawl, roll and float on the water.It does not require batteries( which is a great plus for me)

Snap Circuits “Arcade”, Electronics Exploration Kit

Gift Ideas for Preteen Boys

It has a 30 snap modules to complete more than 200 projects.It is loaded with many fun to play interactive games, a programmable word fan, a tri-color light orb and a dual LED display. You learn the basics of electricity, engineering and circuitry.Detailed easy to follow instructions makes it user friendly and pleasant to explore.It requires 3 AA batteries (Get them here).

 Mega Gemstone Dig Kit

Gift Ideas for Pre teen Boys

This gift promises to  ignite your child’s love for science. It will give him the thrill of digging in a real gem mine.He can easily unearth the gemstones with the provided tools and add them to his rock collection.

UWANTME Electronic Shooting

Gift Ideas for Preteen Boys

It is loaded with fun for the entire family ,but you can still have a solo game and switch to multi players when you have company. It is great for family parties, sleep overs and outdoor entertainment.  It is easy to setup, it count the score and reset itself when its time,  It improves shooting skills and shooting accuracy. It gives the players a real shooting experience with its simulated gunshot and broken glass sound.

Kids Binoculars

CRYSTAL CLEAR VIEW -The Bak-4 prisms and FMC green coated optics system can control optical reflection to create crisp and colorful images. Multi-layer broadband coating technology provide more realistic scene. Make it is a perfect kids binoculars.

It is light weight and foldable.

Shifu Orboot Augmented Reality Interactive Globe

Gift Ideas for Preteen Boys

It is an augmented reality stem toy that affords your explorer an opportunity  to travel the world at the comfort of your home, yes you heard me well, travel the world safely by himself but next to you. Shifu Orboot brings the globe to his finger tips.

It helps to build their knowledge of the world in a way no geography lesson can.It is the best way to explore the world’s different monuments, cuisines, cultures ,inventions, animals and maps, without much harm to the pocket.Check my full review here

HeroMask Headset

Gift Ideas for Preteen Boys

The headset are designed as a learning tool for kids.There are two types of Virtual reality headset one for learning mathematics and one for learning languages i.e French, Spanish, German, Chinese and English. This VR goggles can also be used by the whole family to watch videos or play other virtual reality video games.Kids can enjoy
this unprecedented way of learning maths and languages .Find my full review here.

Kids Waterproof Sports Camera

Gift Ideas for Preteen Boys

This kids waterproof camera comes with strong and durable waterproof case, easy to install, which allows you to take pictures and videos while swimming, skating, biking and skateboarding.It is very easy to use and its loaded with lot of features that our young explorers will enjoy. User friendly for the outdoor.NB : Remember to purchase a micro SD Card.

Electronic Drum Kit


Gift Ideas for Preteen Boys

It is a perfect starter set for anyone interested in music and drums.If you are not ready to commit to a large set ,these are your next best alternative.

Drum pads provide realistic expression; similar sounds to a non-electric drum kit. The drum set is easy to assemble. It can be used with headphones, so you don’t have to worry about noise in the house.

Final Thoughts

Give him a gift that will make him smile,give him a gift that will make him think you are a mind reader because you have been observing him so closely that you are aware of his unexpressed needs, Give him a gift that is engraved all around, Mom/Dad loves you. Give him a gift that tells him you are aware of his interests and passions, that makes him know you are behind him all the way.

The above recommended gifts can be considered for any special day , Christmas, Birthdays and celebration of special moments and achievements.

What would you add to the list? Tell us in the comment below what gift worked well for you and your preteen.

21 thoughts on “Gift Ideas for Preteen Boys”

  1. Thank you very much for the wonderful suggestion, these days we are just looking for a gift for the son of family friends for a birthday. You have made it much easier for us to choose with your suggestions. Kids Waterproof Sports Camera looks like something that will be a great choice, during this summer.

    • Hey Trud

      All the best with the shopping . Hope you get something for him. I also like the waterproof camera , its ability to capture memories under all kinds of environments is mind blowing .

  2. You have gathered a great list of gift selections for that preteen boy. I like them all and I think that such a boy will be fascinated with having to choose from the list if allowed to. What I find most appealing is that they are all practical gifts and are such that will help remove the tween from the screen – except in the case of the drone, but even this provides a different kind of screen time – and help him to be innovative and thoughtful. This I believe, will help in character building and may influence how he interact with technology later in life.

    • Hey Russell
      Yes, I was intentional about find screen alternatives . I am glad you them helpful. The drone is still a viable option because it does not give the passive but active screentime .
      Thanks again.

  3. Hi Bogadi!

    I could have used this site a long time ago! I have three children the youngest is almost at that teen stage. Some of the gift ideas are great but what I pulled from this article that would have a greater impact are the informative blogs on learning through play, Pros and Cons of social media, and discipline. I most likely could have been a better parent had I known some of this info upfront. I did learn a lot of it from experience but would have been better off knowing in advance. 

    I think you are right on coarse and hope you reach many people with your articles to help shape boys into better men. The world needs that!

    I do have to say I got a chuckle, I thought it was a prank at first. There must be an ad in the first fold of your article that tracks cookies because the first thing I saw for a gift for preteens was the dog shampoo I just looked up! That is something I would do to my boys for a gag!

    Good luck to you and yours!

    • Hey Groomy
      Thank you for stopping by. I am glad you find the articles helpful and its never too late there is still a lot you need to do with the teen boy before he leaves your house. So yeah keep passing by for some helpful insight .

      You chuckled and I cracked up about your dog shampoo experience that was really funny. Hope you get the shampoo and some gifts for the boys .

  4. It is our duty to show love to our children and giving them gifts is one such show of love. Myself it has not been easy looking for gifts for the boys. You have such an excellent list of gifts in your review. I like the drone with camera. The only worry is the boys wont get up to no ggod spying on the neighbours. The electronic kit is also a perfect gift. It will allow them to learn as they play. Thank you for this review

    • Thank you Energy.

      I am glad you found the article helpful. I can really be challenging to find something the boys will love and appreciate.

      As for your thoughts on the Drone, I never looked at that way, LOL but yes boys can be boys, we have to check on them now and then to limit such naughty behaviors

  5. When I buy toys, I always take into consideration that in addition to the fun value, it also has the opportunity for the child to learn something from the toy. You have a very nice transparent list, and I like quite a few toys that will come in handy when I buy gifts for my nephews. I like the Electronic Drum Kit toys, the HOMOFY STEM Toys Solar Robot Kit 12-In-1, and the HeroMask Headset the most.


    • Thank you Nina for stopping by, Your Nephews will have the time of their lives.

      Yes we should always integrate their fun with learning.

  6. Our kids are growing up so fast. Time flies, and suddenly they are moving out, and we are left with an “empty” home, but with a lot of memories. We have to make those memories the good ones. 

    I remember myself when I grew up as a kid, that love was all around me, but of course, I loved to get gifts as well. My favourite gifts were electronics stuff and science-related stuff. I am still a gadget nerd today at 55 years of age.

     I will never forget the day that my parents gave me a microscope. It was the most amazing gift I have ever received, and it is crystal clear to me. Still to this day, every moment of the day that I got, the microscope is vivid in my mind.

    You have some great gift ideas in your article. I would definitively have chosen either the Electronics kit or the drone  I think both of them would be a success, almost no matter the kid’s personality.


  7. Hello Bogadi, you have given some of the most wonderful gifts that I have seen and most kids of this age group would certainly be overwhelmed by such gift. I like the HOMOFY STEM Toys Solar Robot Kit because it comes in much smaller pieces and it would bring a lot of joy for these kids. Cheers 

    • Hey Justin 

      Thank you for stopping by. Spoil someone this Christmas.

  8. I’m a godfather to a teenage boy, the son of my bestfriend. Although we’ve not been together and I don’t exactly know what puts a smile on his face, I am confident that his father who is my bestfriend will give me some tips on what to give as a gift. The best strategy I think will be sharing this article to him and ask what relates to his son’s hobbies. You have a good list here, and maybe, they are not for preteen boys only but for preteen girls, too. Are drones good for girls, too?

    • Hey Gomer

      Thank you for stopping by 

      Yes girls can use drones too depending on their interest.

  9. Wow thanks for these awesome ideas. This makes me want to be a kid again and play with all these cool new toys.

    This is also a great list because Christmas is right around the corner. Out of all these products, which one would you say is your favorite?

    For me personally it would be the headset or drone.

    • Hi Michael

      Thank you for stopping by

      I really love the two you love.lol. The headset and the drone .

  10. All these ideas are amazing, it’s hard to choose! The drone and the solar robot are something not only the boy would love but also his father, just like little cars, trains etc. It’s a perfect gift not only for a preteen boy, I think it’s good for any age. I always have problems finding ideas for Christmas presents but with your suggestions, I know now what I’ll buy. Thanks for that.

    • Hi Lenka

      Thank you for stopping by

      I am glad you found value and your Christmas shopping will be made easy. 

  11. Wonderful selection of gifts for boys. I imagine some early teens would like some of those too.

    I particularly liked the Solar Robot Kit and The Exploration Kit as these look fun and they learn a lot. Also really liked the electronic drum kit, I know a 4 year old that would enjoy that, if I can only persuade his Mum.

    Thank you, I enjoyed this article and it has given me some good ideas for gifts.

    • Hey Linda Cooper 

      Thank you for stopping by The Incredible Boy 

      The solar robot kit is a real deal.


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