Christmas Gifts for Toddler Boys

Christmas Gifts for Toddler Boys

Toddler years range from twelve to thirty six  months. This is a time when the little prince start to really get excited and interested in the world around him. He wakes up keen to explore every morning. These are the years most regard as terrible two’s because our explorer leaves no stone un- turned to satisfy the deep yearning to learn new things and to learn them fast ,It looks like he is working against a set time line that he cannot afford to miss.

Christmas is almost here and most parents , uncles and aunties are looking forward to shower their little ones with precious gifts. Choosing gifts that meet the toddlers developmental needs can be challenging but it is possible and doable.

We should primarily be on a look out for gifts that will enhance the development of their fine and gross motor skills.Secondary to that we should consider gifts and toys that encourages independent play while adding value to the development of social,emotional and verbal skills.


Let’s explore gifts that will enhance their development while ensuring that he is has the time of his life.


Geometric Stacker

Christmas Gifts for Toddler Boys

This is an awesome gift for kids, aged 2- 4 years old .This stacking toy encourages hand-eye coordination, imaginative play, color recognition,  shapes recognition, sequencing, matching & counting skills. It is more than just a stacking game it has a fishing part that most kids enjoy, It promotes independent play giving mom enough time for some self care.

ToyerBee Bead Maze

Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddler Boys

This bead maze has different colors and animal graphics on it, It is a great tool for the children’s arithmetic enlightenment, fruit cognition, color cognition, hand-eye coordination and space thinking. NB : No need to assemble, children can easily get started. Just slide the beads to have fun!

Kidzlane Pretend Veterinarian Doctor Kit

Christmas gifts for Toddler Boys

It’s a wow and a MUST for toddler pet lovers. Guaranteed to ignite the child’s imagination as he learns to take care of pets and others.The 17-piece set comes with all the veterinarian tools and grooming accessory your child will need to conduct checkups, feed baby animals, or groom hair and nails!Each set includes a clipboard, patient chart, and exam table that make children feel even more like a real veterinarian as they take vital signs and care for their stuffed animals.

Ball Pit, Play Tent and Tunnels


Christmas Gifts for Toddler Boys

This is pit playhouse obstacle course play set guarantees long hours of fun and excitement, It can be used indoor or outdoor, it is very easy to set up , assemble and store. It enhances creativity and imagination , it  helps develop arm and leg muscles and gross motor skills. It does not come with the balls, make sure you get the balls here

Magnetic Toddler Toy,Catching and Feeding Game

Christmas Gifts for Toddler Boys

This toy takes the kids fine and motor development into the next level. It helps them gain more control over their hands, fingers and wrist .While catching and feeding worms, the child exercises hand-eye coordination.In summary it is safe for the baby,easy to store, enhances color recognition and develops fine motor skills.

Fat Brain Toys Squigz Starter

Christmas Gifts for Toddler Boys

Squigz are scientific sorts – always up for playful experimentation that defies gravity. They can be used to explore 8 different versatile shapes. They encourages creativity, fine motor skills, interaction, playful experimentation. They provide relaxation and sensory stimulation.They stick on bathtubs, walls,desktops, etc but leaves no marks.



Magnetic Fishing Game for kid

Christmas Gifts for Toddler Boys

Its colorful nature is meant to stimulate brain development,cultivate prolonged interest and promote their perception and recognition of various colors and shapes.

As your little one have fun you will effortlessly achieve the following:

  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Letter Recognition
  • Learning Spelling Skills
  • Hand-eye Coordination
  • Promote Imagination
  • Problem-Solving
  • Improve Your Creativity

Five in One Music Toy

Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddlers

It’s not only equipped with different musical instruments, but also come with diversified modes for kids to recognize numbers, colors and animals. This will be a great add on to the young explorer’s  adventurous world, its time he explores his musical abilities.Musical experiences in childhood are known to  accelerate brain development, particularly in language acquisition, reading skills and mathematical comprehension.

Playkidz Super Durable Pound

Christmas Gifts for Toddler Boys

This Multi-color pound a ball, is ideal for hammering practice, Promotes hand eye coordination,  item manipulation and arm movement. The smooth-sanded balls drop down after being hammered, they roll down the ramp till they exit at bottom tray.

Toomies Cannon Ball Pic & Pop

Christmas Gift for Toddler Boys

‘The Toomies Cannon Ball Pic & Pop is a distinct walk-behind toy that gets your little one moving. One click of the button launches a colorful ball from the chute, your little one chases after the balls and simply rolls over them to magically pick it up and start the fun all over again’. Its simple to operate , its interactive and it teaches cause and effect .

Final thoughts

At the end of each day adults ask themselves did I make progress today , did I achieve my goals for a day, but I believe kids are are asking different questions at the end of the day, their questions are, did I play enough today? Did I have fun? Did I discover something new?

It is the parents duty to ensure that the answer to their toddlers question its a resounding YES. As we do our best daily to get our little boys to that resounding YES , our choice of toys and activities are our best bet. We need to look for toys that encourages independent play, stimulate the mind, enhances physical, intellectual. emotional and social development.

I’m hoping that my list of recommended gifts will make your Christmas shopping easy as we endeavor to give our little ones the mesmerizing Christmas experience.

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  1. Wow, this really is a great variety of toys for Christmas. They really make it easy for anyone who doesn’t have much time to spend hours looking for a suitable gift in overcrowded shops. The Playkidz Super Durable Pound makes me think of my old toy, I’ve spent hours with a toy like this. The Five In One musical toy, ideal for young children to challenge their musicality. Veterinarian Doctor Kit is just fabulous. I love almost all of the toys that you have chosen for us.
    At first, I thought the magnetic toddler toy, the catching and feeding game, the worms were too small and could be swallowed by children, but with a look to the side, I was relieved, everything was made of wood and safety tested to prevent that Toddler suffocates. Thank you so much, you make Christmas more relax for many stressed parents or family.

    • Thank you Monique

      I am glad you found value . Yes certainly my intention is to make the Christmas shopping easier for parents this year.You sound like you still have sweet memories about your childhood and that is what all parents should endeavor to  create.

      I also like the mother in you who went all the way to evaluate the safety of the toys because where toddlers are concerned safety must be a priority 

  2. My kids are well outside of the toddler years now but still engaged with puzzles and things that require thought or strategy.

    These toys are fantastic for that age range, my kids had similar products to the ones on this page and they really laid the groundwork for critical thinking and forethought. 

    The playpen and tunnels is a really good thing for them to play with for physical exercise, fun and to get a feel for exploring! My youngest, 5, is still very much an explorer and climber and I doubt this will ever change! 

    The other two are very much suited to the puzzle aspects of toys.

    I believe a little bit of everything is best for toddlers so they can learn and develop their own preferences and style of play!

  3. Wow! Thank you for sharing all these here. It is a good one to see such a nice pice here giving ideas and suggestions on what can be gifted to a toddler and to actually meet up with their needs and wants. Christmas is coming soon and it would be a good one to start planning on the things to get and make provisions for. Thanks

    • Hey Nath 

      Thank you for visiting the Incredible Boy

      Yes , lets start now and get our Christmas shopping in order 

  4. Thank you for these wonderful ideas as far as gifts for toddler boys go. It is always a nightmare choosing gifts for this age group as you need to be so aware of the safety aspect of the gift you give, as toddlers put everything in their mouths and if a small part was accidentally ingested from a gift that I gave I would never forgive myself.

    The magnetic fishing game looks like fun but was wondering if you could provide sizes for the fish, as they mustn’t be small enough to go into a mouth.

    • Hey Michel

      Thank you for visiting the Incredible Boy

      Click the link to amazon, you will find all the details there, if you don’t get your answers you can directly ask the manufacturer any question for clarity. WIll also do the same from my side and update the article accordingly  

  5. I have to express to you my impressions of how beautiful the text is and the images in it that thrilled me. The New Year is approaching soon and we have a lot of children in the family to buy presents for. Your text helped us a lot in the selection and I hope that in the future we will have more interesting texts.

    • Hey Trud

      Thank you for visiting the Incredible Boy

      I am glad the article was of help.Enjoy the Christmas shopping for your little ones

  6. This really is a great variety of toys for Christmas gift,  I like the Magnetic Fishing Game  and Five in One Music Toys for gifts for toddler,. They stimulate the brain development , their interest, recognition for color and shape, For lauguage acquisition ,reading skills and mathematical comprehension.. Evey  toddler they start to recognize the color and shape,  These Ideas are very helpful to all mothers  out there that want to choose  gifts  for toddlers for this coming Christmas.

    Thank you .

    • Hey 

      Thank you for stopping by The Incredible Boy 

      It is important that we choose toys that will play a dual role of fun and learning , and that is what I have tried to compile here.

  7. I like the toy selection you have made here.

    I like the Magnetic Fishing Game For Kid, I think my nephews will have great fun fishing those figurines. Because they really like the magnet side of it. And I even thig my nice who like to create stuff will enjoy it. Or do you think it is just specifically for boys?

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Lovely article about toys for our little toddlers Bogadi. I know, you are so right when the toddlers ask themselves if they played enough or has sufficient fun, by the end of the day.

    We must buy them good toys to entertain themselves with. Thank u for also showing such nice toys. Thank God my kids cant read articles yet. 



    • Hi Aparna

      Thank you for stopping by The Incredible Boy

  9. Thank you for sharing this article about Christmas gift. I really enjoyed reading it. Some of this gifts you’ve recommended I think will be ideal for toddlers as was your intention. These are toys that will spark their curiosity and help them learn as some of them were created for educative purposes and it shows in their designs. 

  10. It can be very hard sometimes to decide what to get for your toddlers , but what I believe is the most important thing to consider is thee safety of the toddler before buying the gifts. This are will help a lot and I really love the gifts you have here, they’re nice and are safe to give as gifts to a toddler boy.

  11. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your review as it contains valuable information’s one can hold on to. These gifts listed here are really amazing to get that i just can’t decide on which to get. I love them all, and it is really great to see non of these are pointed or sharp for safety purpose, thanks for this

    • Thank you Phil for stopping by The Incredible Boy.

      Bless a toddler with a gift this Chiristmas 

  12. Wow, what a very useful list for me! I am a mom of 2 boys aged 10 months and 3 years old. And Christmas is very near and we haven’t bought gifts for them yet. Though where we are, the gift-giving will be on January 6 during the Three Kings, but still, it’s always nice to be prepared to avoid panic.

    I like the magnetic fishing game and the toyerbee bead maze. I prefer toys that are wooden and with less plastic. And I already told the husband about this and he agreed. But to my disappointment, he came home this afternoon with 3 toys for the kids. ” of which are entirely made of plastic. 🙁

    • Hey Julai

      Thank you for stopping by The Incredible Boy

      I am glad you found the list valuable. And agree that preparation will safe you from panic.

      All the best with Christmas shopping .

  13. I cannot believe that Christmas is right around the corner! Oh my goodness, now is the time to start buying before it is getting expensive. Geometric stacker definitely is perfect for development. Kidzlane Pretend Veterinarian Doctor Kit Is just so adorable! This will help with their imagination for sure. Fishing game is also another fun one that we can play with them. Thanks for sharing these. 

    • Thank you for stopping by The Incredible Boy

      Yes Christmas is around the corner, it is either we buy now or get ready to buy  with inflated prices.

      I am glad you found the list valuable.


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