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Positive Affirmations for Teen Boys

The younger version of me had a lot of what I now understand to be a negative inner voice. You know that voice that always tells you that you are not enough, you don’t have what it takes, that someone else can do it better than you. I suffered from this voice for years and I know that I am not alone, that millions of other people especially young people continue to be victimized by this voice. Positive Affirmations for Teen Boys is an idea that intends to rescue as many young boys as possible from this wicked internal voice.

This voice is responsible for many failed dreams and projects, many beautiful relationships crumbled and got shattered at the sound of this voice. Destinies have been aborted by this invisible voice What makes it more dangerous is that you are the only one that can hear this voice.

Things changed for me when I discovered that I have the power over this voice, that everybody has been given the authority to challenge and overcome this, that there are various tools one can use to prevail against this oppressive voice.

Ever since my discovery, I made it my duty to educate as many people as I possibly can especially kids and teenagers to know and be aware of this voice, to know that it exists,that it in most cases carries no good, but most importantly that they can prevail against it.

Of the many tools available, in this article, we will look at the power of affirmations, specifically affirmations that can be used by teenage boys as we endeavor to build our boys to be incredible men.

What are affirmations – Affirmations are short but powerful sentences that are meant to positively influence our subconscious & conscious minds, to shape how we see ourselves, our behaviors, and actions going forward                           

Why Should Teenage Boys use Affirmations?

Parents and teachers always complain about how unmotivated teenage boys are. Teenage boys are in most cases blamed for not having or at least acting and behaving like they don’t have goals and dreams. Teenage boys are known to hate school, hate helping around the house to just love sitting in their rooms, playing video games, and snacking all day. All this is due to lack of motivation. Parents never really ask themselves what is the cause of lack of motivation before resorting to screaming and yelling. I can say without a doubt that in most cases this voice is continuously preaching the opposite of the gospel you are preaching to your son. It’sgospel goes like “I am worthless”. ‘I am a flop’. I can’t do anything right’ “I am a failure”, “I am unlovable”.

NB: The biggest mistake that parents can do is to knowingly or unknowingly rub in or affirm this negative gospel. This can easily be done by an annoyed parent saying or yelling things like, ‘ you are so lazy’. ; you are good for nothing;, ‘ you are so childish and irresponsible;etc. These statements and reactions can easily solidify, make concrete and permanent, what was already going on inside.

Parents should also note that our teenage boy’s inner voice is largely made of, how we have been talking to them from childhood but there is hope.

These affirmations should reprogram his mind and even overwrite some deeply rooted limiting beliefs.

How to make affirmations effective

  • Say them with confidence.
  • Say them with excitement.
  • Say or write them in the positive e,g Its better to say I am full of peace than I don’t stress easily.
  • Do your best to confess them three or more times a day.
  • Meditate on them.
  • Imagine yourself being that already.
  • Don’t get caught up in the how.

Help your child to choose an area/s he is struggling in, let him choose a few of the below affirmations, or even come up with the more relevant affirmations for what he wants to achieve

Affirmations for Self/Self Love & appreciation

I am unique

I am special

I am handsome

I am wonderfully made

I love who I am

I love the way I look

I am at peace with who I am

I deserve all the good in life

I deserve the best

I am enough

I forgive myself

I am brilliant

I am talented

I am loaded with potential

I am okay the way I am

I can change the world

I am a hard worker

I love challenges

Challenges help me grow

I am disciplined

I am healthy

I am a gift to the world

I am joyful

I am full of peace

I have clarity of thoughts

I am a problem solver

Affirmations for Relationships

I am gentle

I am loving

I deserve to be loved

I love unconditionally

I take pleasure in being kind

I am reliable

I am helpful

I add value

I am irreplaceable

I ask for help when I need it

I am a blessing to my family, my friends, and my community

I am a good friend and I attract good friends.

Affirmations for Peer Pressure

I make my own decisions

I am an independent thinker

My opinions matter

I choose my actions

I am confident and comfortable in social settings

I am okay with holding a different opinion

I can comfortably say No when not in agreement

I respect myself deeply

Affirmations for Learning

I love to learn

I can learn anything I put my mind into

I am a student of life, I learn from everything

I learn from my mistakes

I learn when I play

I learn from others

Today is my opportunity to learn new things

I am a fast learner

I am a patient learner

I find learning adventurous

I am a curious learner

Learning is key to my dreams

I am a confident learner

I understand when I learn

I am open-minded

Learning makes me smart

I comprehend new things easily

I am a passionate learner

I can learn under favorable & Unfavorable circumstances

I easily retain what I learn

I learn to be a better version of my yesterday

I learn to add value

I learn to make a difference

 Affirmations for Good communication

I am an excellent communicator

I communicate clearly

I communicate confidently

I communicate calmly

I boldly express my opinions

I value other’s opinions

I am a good and patient listener

I am an empathetic listener

I speak to build

I speak to heal

I speak to empower

I think before I speak


Affirmations for Confidence

I am confident

I am capable of amazing things

"A partially smiling teen boy with an affirmation poster next to him written, I am enough"
Teenage Mantra for confidence.

I have what it takes

I believe in myself

My confidence empowers me to take action

Feeling confident is simply who I am

I confidently stand up for what I believe in

I have faith in my abilities

My endeavors are powered by my confidence

I am aware of my worth

I am comfortable with who I am

I am courageous

I am unstoppable

I am tenacious

I am self-assured

I am assertive

I am secured

I stand tall and confident in the face of challenges

I excitedly and boldly pursue my dreams

I express my opinions with confidence and respect

Affirmation to the Man I am becoming

I love the man I have become

I have grown to be a great communicator

I am fully in touch with who I am

I am in touch with my emotions

I am a gentleman

I am a loving man

I am a responsible man

I am a considerate man

I am an honest man

I an authentic man

I am a disciplined man

I am a grateful man

I am a courageous man

I am a compassionate man

I am successful as a businessman

I am successful in my career

I am a loving and successful family man

Final Thoughts

You might be asking yourself, will my son even be interested in confessing these affirmations, how much more the responsibility of saying them more than once a day. If you feel like that, take it one step at a time. Let it start with you find ways to affirm him with some of these statements daily, Your constant voice and positivity towards him, can easily turn to be his positive inner self-talk.

Be creative in how you can communicate these, Print them into posters and put them up in his bedroom, engrave some statements into his gifts, make him aware that you sometimes also battle with some negativity, then create time when you can do the affirmations together and be his accountability buddy. Just find a way and make it work and you will thank me later.


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34 thoughts on “Positive Affirmations for Teen Boys”

  1. Hello Bogadi, thanks for this really nice article. Most people gave lived a life of regret because at one point in time they left their dreams and went for something else and today that are still struggling ti get things right and that feel like they have failed at the end. Giving our teen boys some affirmation would boost their confidence and its good 

    • Thanks Justin,Some forsake their dreams because they dont have confidence in themselves to achieve them. Affirmations can come in handy under such circumstances.

  2. Thank you so much. As a parent myself, seeing something like this up here really delights me. What you have shared here is really worthy enough and I value it all. It makes a lot of sense seeing all of these here. Surely enough to make me want to show it to my kids to learn the place of affirmations in life

    • Thank you Nath you for stopping by. Go ahead and share with your kids , I am sure it will make a great difference in their lives.

  3. everyone should establish a positive attitude towards themselves and their thoughts. in the teenage days it can be very difficult. Life happens, a thousand problems, a lot of challenges. But affirmations help a lot when hard times come. They put you back on the path you need to go and motivate you.

    • Hey Trud 

      Thank you for visiting the Incredible Boy. Affirmations can be used as an anchor and as a weapon  to navigate our challenging environments ensuring that negative beliefs about who we are and what we are capable of do not get engraved in our lives.

  4. This is an interesting article. The use of positive affirmations is of benefit for all people of all ages. Positive affirmations can help frame things in a positive way for people. Young males are in need of being given the knowledge that will help them in early adulthood and give them a chance of success

    • Hey Castle 

      Thank you for visiting the Incredible Boy.You are on point the power of affirmations cut across different ages .If teenagers start with them early it will do them good than when they discover and start affirmations when they are adults

  5. Hi, Bogadi. Thanks for writing these positive affirmations. I wished my parent read your article when I was still a teen 🙂 I grew up with ‘mixed gospel’ and it really affects my mental state. I don’t want the same thing that happened to my future son. Currently, I have a pre-teen nephew that looks in need of this positive affirmation. His birthday is coming soon, so I will insert a birthday card with some of the positive sentences above. Thank you

    • hey Alblue 

      Thank you for stopping by The Incredible Boy 

      You are not alone, most of us , our parents lacked this kind of knowledge, now that we know, we will do better with our kids. I like your determination to change the narrative .

      All the best .

  6. Bogadi amazing words you brought tears to my eyes. It is heartbreaking how much damage parents can do to their children even unknowingly, or maybe mostly so. Hence the importance of education! Those affirmations are really powerful. I am going to print your article and read it again from time to time. Thank you! 

    • Hey Maricat 

      Thank you for stopping by The Incredible Boy

      I am glad you found value in the article and yes repetition is the mother of learning .Print & read them as frequent as you can .

  7. This is such an wholesome post that I think every teenage boy needs to see so as to raise their spirits if they’re feeling down or just generally as at that age they amay be going through a tough time but don’t know how to speak up and I genuinely believe that your article can cheer them up just as it did for me. Thank you for sharing this article. 

    • Hey Beesean

      Thank you for stopping by The Incredible Boy

      I am glad to hear you were cheered up.

  8. Wow. Attention is always on female child neglecting the boys to sort themselves out or maybe parents are mostly thinking that they are boys and they should be able to think like a man. If it’s not well deposited, it can’t be well given out. I love this article and two points got me; I’m enough and I’m at peace with who I am. This will help to love themselves. Thanks for sharing

    • Hey Elizabeth

      Thank you for stopping by The Incredible Bo. I agree with you that for a long time, attention was on a girl child and the boy child was totally neglected 

  9. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter if it is a boy or girl. We should provide positive affirmation the same. As a parent myself, I feel somewhat ashame that I have went negative from time to time. I know I should stay positive, say positive things and teach them to be positive. This article has help remind me to do so and I thank you for that. 

    • Hey Richard
      Thank you for stopping by The Incredible Boy . 

      I am glad that you found value in this article. As parents we should daily make a decision to be he best we can ever be for our kids

  10. I like this post so much!!

    And I think all the affirmations above will make great posters or stickers to have around the bedrooms and the house to keep our boys motivated and focus on what is essential.

    Keeping our teens motivated is a great part of assuring their future success!

    Thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you Adyn for stopping by The Incredible Boy . 

      I agree with you, I have to look into getting them into posters and stickers.

      Positive affirmations are what our teen boys need , not the constant yelling ad criticism. 

  11. I absolutely agree that it’s good to start with positive affirmations at a young age. And of course I totally agree that it’s more important to really feel what you’re saying. So when you say, “Say them with confidence. Say them with excitement.”, there’s something in me that went “YES!”

    If you have teen boys of your own, I think you should also introduce them to law of attraction books like The Secret and Ask And It Is Given. These are just some of the books that have transformed my life around. 

    • Hey Clark 

      Thank you for stopping by The Incredible Boy

      Yes affirmations should be said with excitement and confidence. I have noted the law attraction suggestion will work on that. 

  12. Hello Bogadi, thanks alot for this important article. This article has made me reflect back to my younger days and I’ll say affirmation for teen boys would help to build confidence and also their self esteem. I’m going to show this to my son so he can learn from it and also to little kids around my neighborhood as well. Thanks

    • Hi Marintz 

      Thank you for stipping by The Incredible Boy & Thanks again for sharing the article .

  13. The information contained in your article is very important for both parents and young people to read. Many children suffer from lack of self confidence and saying affirmations every day definitely helps to change one’s mindset. I taught my children to do this from a young age. It’s something I Practice daily along with being grateful. 

    • Hey Lisa

      Thank you for stopping by The Incredible Boy.

      I am so happy for your kids, You laid a great foundation for  them.

  14. I have a younger brother who is still very much a teenager and I would love to see him properly grow up to become an adult. Thanks to you, Bogadi Rammuki, for this article on positive affirmation for teen boys, I have acquired a great knowledge that will help me contribute to his growth and development as a teenager. 

    • Thank you so much for stopping by The Incredible Boy.

      I  am glad you found value that you can apply .

  15. I really enjoyed reading this article.  I have experienced children’s lives damaged from the negative words that they are told while growing up.

    These words always have a negative impact on the way in which children think and how it further affects their lives especially when they become an adult.

    Having a positive figure to emulate in combination with positive affirmations will encourage the child to practice positive self- talk and will eventually live a life that is enhanced with a positive mindset,  attitude and approach. 

    • Hey Moni 

      Thank you for stopping by The Incredible Boy 

      The impact of negative words from adults to the kids over the years can not be measured.

      Parents need to be aware that their words are building tools.

  16. A very good post. I must say reading it I asked myself would my teenage boys ever read this, but it was a good Idea to hang it up on a visible place in the house. I believe Affirmations are important for everyone. We all need to feel good. And I believe the better we feel the better we perform no matter if it is at work or in relationships. Thank you for a good read!

  17. I really believe in positive affirmations and I really think your life can change when you belive something will happen. I have two teenage boys and although I try to teach them that it’s all about your thinking just goes in one ear and out the other! They won’t listen.

    But I have never said a bad word to my children and am always telling them how special they are!

    I was brought up to think I was useless and couldn’t do anything and thats why I always had panic attacks and couldn’t hold down a job for years because I was always told I couldn’t do anything, so ended up always getting the sack for different jobs. I have managed to hold down a job now after 20 years, but still affects me from time to time. 

    So it’s important what you say to children. 

    I like your list of affirmations I will use some of these for my children.

  18. Very good article, and I’m sure many people beyond the teenage audience can learn from this. I can relate and remember thinking some of the exact negative affirmations you mentioned here, among them being “you don’t know enough” or “why don’t you know everything others your age know”?  Thankfully, I eventually turned the thoughts around by first acknowledging them for what they were – unhelpful and stagnant fear of inadequacy. 

    Having a quick reference guide like the one you wrote here can be so beneficial to many.

  19. This is a very neatly written article. I will be sure to bookmark it and return to read extra of your useful information. Thanks for the post.
    I will certainly return.


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