150 Pieces Art Set for kids




Why Choose Our Art Set
1. Eco-friendly material: The product is made of new PVC material, safe and environmentally friendly, NON-TOXIC. Keep your baby away from the skin, allergies, redness and harassment.
2. High-quality: The refills are made of imported precision instruments, the consumables are purchased directly from the brand manufacturers, ensure the quality.
3. Color bright: Premium plastic particles and fibers and other polymer synthesis, has created high quality fiber pen, make the colors brighter and draw more smoothly.
— Markers: bright colors, water does not dizzy dye, durable and non-fading, natural transition easy integration, smooth water
— Crayons: smooth and delicate, good spreadablity, excellent color overlapping and mixing performance
— Oil pastels: Delicate touch, lightly colored, smooth and smooth, no particles of dust, fresh color, and strong cover
— Colour pencils: Log pen, full of water environmental paint, feel comfortable, class A core, soft core, color more vivid. Let
the children concentrate more on drawing


Inside the box

36 Markers
– 24 Crayons
– 24 Oil pastels
– 24 Colour pencils
– 20 Clips
– 12 Watercolours
– 1 Brush
– 1 Palette
– 1 Stapler
– 1 Scissor
– 1 Sharpener
– 1 Ruler
– 1 Eraser
– 1 Pencil
– 2 Glue


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